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May  2017
1 May 11:00 Through the streets Tres Tombs
2-8 May Library Exhibition: I Centenary of the Wreck of the Mejerda
6-21 May XXVII Oyster Gastronomic Days
6 and 7 May Library The seabirds of l'Ampolla. +info: 608 865 566
7 May 12:00 Harbour XXVII Delta Oyster Day
7 May Av. Martima Shops in the street
14 May 10:00 Disco Mediterrnia European Clean - Natural Parc Delta de l'Ebre
20 May 07:00-22:00 Port Esportiu Ironcat- XIII Triathlon Championship of Catalonia
21 May 09:00 Club Nutic Classic cars and sports cars meeting
27 May - 4 June Pdel Ampolla Open Challenger Pdel Ampolla
June  2017
3 June 22:30 Church Summer concert - Choir l'Ampolla
9-10-11 June Vista Alegre street II Commercial and Gastronomic Fair ""
10-11 June all day Avellanes Beach VII Beach Handball Tournament
10June Club Nutic XVII Fishing Tournament of Catalonia
16-17 June 20:00 Poliesportiu XIII 24 hours Football Tournament "Sant Joan"
17-25 June Annual Festival of Sant Joan 2017
17-18 June XV International Open Domino Sant Joan
18 June 11:00 Cami de la Descrrega - Finca de Marceln Rice Planting Festival
18 June 10:00-14:00 Pl. Gonzlez Isla IX Meeting of collectors of cava bottlecaps
July  2017
1-2 July All the day Avellanes Beach XX Beach Football Open Ciutat de l'Ampolla
1 July - 31 August 09:00-13:00, 16:00-20:00 Casal Municipal Summer Children's Campus
1 July Harbour Gymnastics Festival
3-7 July Club Nutic Windsurfing and Sailing Courses
8 July 23:00 Harbour Havaneres (Traditional fishermen's songs)
8-9 July 10:00 Avellanes Beach VII Beach Tennis Tournament Ciutat de L'Ampolla
10-14 July Club Nutic Windsurfing and Sailing Courses
13-16 July Festival "Verge del Carme 2017"
15 July 10:00 Arquitecte beach 2nd Swimming Competition of Carme
16 July 21:30 Harbour Procession at sea and fireworks
16 July XV Open Domino "Verge del Carme"
17-21 July Club Nutic Windsurfing and Sailing Courses
21 July 23:00 Pl. Catalunya Theatre: "L'Inspector"
22 July Mediterrani School Ballroom Dancing Show
24-28 July Club Nutic Windsurfing and Sailing Courses
28 July 23:00 Harbour Cinema
29-30 July 10:00 Avellanes Beach XII 4x4 Beach Volleyball Tournament
July 10:00 Harbour Antiques Market
31 July - 4 August Club Nutic Windsurfing and Sailing Courses
August  2017
5 August 23:00 Promenade Magic night
7-11 August Club Nutic Windsurfing and Sailing Courses
11 August 23:00 Pl. Catalunya Theatre: "L'Inspector"
12-13-14 August Pl. Catalunya XXVI Concerts of Classical and Traditional Music ,,Eloi Mestre"
12 August 15:30 Harbour XXIII Street Ball
13 August Plaa Gonzlez Isla Shops in the street
14-19 August Club Nutic Windsurfing and Sailing Courses
15 August 09:00 Club Nutic XLIII Swimming Competition Port del Fangar- l'Ampolla
19 August 23:00 Cap-Roig Havaneres in Cap Roig (Traditional fishermen's songs)with Mar Endins
20 August 23:00 Harbour Cinema
21-25 August Club Nutic Windsurfing and Sailing Courses
25 August 23:00 Harbour Cinema
August 11:00 Arenal beach Sandcastles Contest
August 10:00 Harbour Antique Market
August 18:00 Plaa Gonzlez Isla Shops in the street
August 17:30 Football camp IX Football Tournament "Vila de l'Ampolla"
September  2017
2 September 09:00 Football camp VII Youth Football Tournement "Jordi Pitarque". Qualifying
9 September 09:00 Football field VII Youth Football Tournement - finals
11 September Pl. Manel Ferrer National Day of Catalonia
17 September 11:00 Harbour XVIII Rice Harvest Festival
17 September - 1 October XVIII Gastonomic Days of Rice
23 September 09:00 Avellanes Beach Jet Ski Championship
September 21:00 Start: Mar str. XV International Music Festival Ebre Terra de Vent
November  2017
18-19-20 November Casal Municipal Segregation Celebration
November V Week of Trade in l'Ampolla
November 11:00 Platja Avellanes 2nd Festival of Association Friends of the Horse
December  2017
3-11 December II Oyster Tapas Days
February  2018
February- March L'Ampolla- Alcanar- L'Ametlla de Mar- Sant Carles de la Rpita Mantis shrimp gastronomic days in Terres de l'Ebre
February Carnival
March  2018
May 11:00h Passeig Maritim Running Series 10000 de l'Ampolla
April  2018
April Cultural week
April Centre Cvic Photo Contest Awards
April Library Save the frogs day. +info: 608 865 566
April Arenal beach Botanical outing at Arenal beach. +info: 608 865 566
April Library Literary taste. Presented by Theater Group of l'Ampolla
April Easter - Parish of St. Joan Baptista
April Plaa Catalunya Palm blessing
April Via Crucis procession
Open-air market every Wednesday morning in calle Vista Alegre.
June-September. On Saturday from 18:30 to 22:00 Market of Art and Crafts in Rall Str.
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