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Lagoons are one of the main features of the ecosystems found in the Ebro Delta. They consist of coastal pools of water running directly to the sea and surrounded by paddy fields. The productive life cycle of rice is the main reason for the changes in the salinity of the land, which in turn has been to a large extent the reason for the wide diversity of vegetation, fish and birds inhabiting the area.

The Olles Lagoon occupies 54 hectares and is the smallest lagoon in the Ebro Delta National Park. It is connected to the Bay of Fangar through paddy fields and dunes and is just a few minutes from the beach. The Olles Lagoon is one of the richest and most diverse areas in the Ebro Delta. This lagoon appears to be one of the Ebro's oldest estuaries; it is currently home to a large nesting population of aquatic birds such as the flamingo, mallard, night heron, kingfisher and black-winged stilt.

There are a number of paths around the lagoon, which provide ample opportunity for observing the rich fauna and plant life to be found in this special place. The Olles Lagoon is also included in one of the Mediterranean Routes known as "the birds and the rice route". This route can be made on foot or by bicycle and allows you to enjoy a highly valued landscape in terms of the quantity of migratory birds that inhabit the area.

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